Thursday, November 12, 2009

Studio Bambini Photo Shoot

After days of work and sleepless nights it was time for our winter photo shoot. The day began well I dropped hubby and baby at airport, dropped big brother at day care and still had plenty of time to iron the clothes sew on a few buttons and pack the car, until............ Hubby calls to say plane is delayed and can I please return to the airport. Qantas had to fly an engineer from Perth to look at the plane and that took 6hrs, ofcourse he and baby missed their connecting flight to Brisbane and are now at this moment after 11hrs finally in Perth with a 5hr flight ahead to Brisbane and then the 2hr drive to Noosa.
I get to the studio late, buttons missing, clothes rack broken, props forgotten. We soldier on and try to get a few shots until 1st model has some sort of allergy and cannot take her fingers from her eyes, nose and mouth and 2nd model refuses to put on any clothes, understandable as it was 40degrees and the clothes were for winter.
Nevertheless things worked themselves out and we did get a couple of nice shots...


I would love to post a photo of Winter '10 but that would be cheating now wouldn't it, so have popped a couple of new summer ones I have made up for Christmas from today instead.

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