Thursday, July 14, 2011

Business upfront..........& a party in the back.

This morning I have to be all about business for a few minutes in regards to pre-ordered & sale items. I would just like to re-iterate that I only hold these items for 1 week after they arrive.

Listing & sorting & emailing & messaging regarding this stock is time consuming & though most customers are fantastic & either pay within this timeframe or make other arrangements with me there are many that dont & then complain weeks later when their items are no longer available. As of today I will also no longer be accepting direct deposit for orders, payments can be made with a debit card via my website.

I am but one woman who has a store to run, stock to sew, children to care for & a husband who I like to hang out with sometimes. With that off my chest I can now get to the party bit, next week the Porter St store will be closed as I will be hanging out with my two little sprouts.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thankyou Facebook Likers......

Today I listed my 2000th custom sale, not from the Porter St store or the website or made it or etsy, all 2000 from Facebook!

I was very hesitant about signing up to facebook & had no idea if anyone would want to know what I was making or read my ramblings but I jumped in and gave it a go. If someone had of told me that I would have achieved this many sales in 16months just from one source I would have never believed it.

I would like to say a massive thankyou to everyone who follows my page, to all my awesome customers,  & a big special thankyou to the customers that have been with me from the start & still buy from me. I think a big glass of champagne is in order xxx

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Future Looks Bright..........

Over the last 3 years in the back of my mind there has always been something I have wanted to do & events of the last month have brought it to a reality.

While plans for moving the store to larger premises were underway there seemed to be many obstacles, just when one thing was sorted out another issue would arise postponing the moving date. I was getting frustrated & rang my mother to tell her where things were at & she made a comment that just stopped me in my tracks. She said that maybe these obstacles kept getting in the way for a reason, maybe the universe was telling me that I should be re-assessing what I really want to do.

So that is exactly what I did & she was right. My husband & I have applied to become foster parents. As for how this will effect the future of Brusselsprouts......well lets just see where the universe takes us.