Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Phone Snobbery

My husbands phone is on the blink so I offered him mine, it may be a little old fashioned (bigger than a matchbox) and it does have a temperamental number 3 but it does work. I dont know why but there was a slight scoff and a firm no. Good luck with Telstra honey xx


thula thula designer said...

ha ha, I laugh. Ain't hubby's a fantastic lot when things don't go their way.
Tell him Telstra took 2 months to connect our phone, everyday I rang and was told, "within 24 hrs"(due to medical condition with Aiden), it took 8 weeks, the longest 24 hours of my life!
Good luck!

My One Brown Mouse said...

Lol this makes me giggle, my Husband refused to take my phone to work because its pink!!!!!

brusselsprouts said...

He has had to take my brick to work today his has finally died...hee hee