Saturday, November 28, 2009

Stick 'em Up!

We have a dilemma, the house we have bought is situated next to a vacant block and every wild cat in town likes to hang out in it. That is fine until they decide to visit their
My cat is 12 and is not a fighter, as such she gets beaten up fairly regularly. I do all the right things, I dont let her out after dark and only let her out in the back yard where she is protected by Gilbert the wonderdog. However she was attacked at 2pm down the narrow side of the house where the dog cant go because he is too big. So much for the after dark theory! So off to the vet for a drain in her back ($380), she had been recovering nicely from that last attack, all fur had grown back and things were quiet, until we had a massive storm and she ran and hid under the house, here is the result 12 stitches and more antibiotics ($454)

Any solutions greatly appreciated (and yes that is my messy sewing room floor!)


thula thula designer said...

I know there is a herbal spray my parents used on their own dog that replied other dogs and he wouldn't get attacked. (sook of a dog) I shall have to find my answer to cats would not be pleasant. We had them in a hotel wall in Scotland I worked at...lets say it wasn't healthy.

Christina Lowry said...

Poor kitty! It is horrible to see them after a nasty fight and horrible as well when the vet hands you the bill. We have been there too, our cat is 10 years old. When we moved to our new house he got into quite a few fights with the unkempt looking cats in the street resulting in vet visits, so from then on we have just totally kept him inside, no outside time at all. He was a bit miffed at first, but now he loves it. He seems to think the whole house belongs to him, which is fine with me. Now there are just the dogs vet bills! Good luck.

PS. Also, I don't know if your council does this or how you feel about it, but our council here on the Gold Coast will apparently give you a cat trap to put in your yard at night, as they class any cats out at night as 'pests'. Maybe you could get permission off the owner of the block next door too, and set one up there after dark? You return the cat trap, cat and all to the council and they take care of the rest.

brusselsprouts said...

Thanks Ladies, will be calling the council Monday for those traps!