Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3 days........

thats it only 3 days to go and I still have no food in the house & am yet to buy my children presents,

 Mr Sprout doesnt get paid till Christmas Eve so it will be a fight to the death over the last turkeys at Woolies, he is working all of Christmas the mines shut for no one but he was able to scrounge Christmas day off thankfully. So I am now off to make a list and practice my tackling technique....Woolies can get quite fierce in Kalgoorlie.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Help! I think I have created a Monster.....

My husband loves a beer so in my infinite wisdom I thought I would buy him a home brew kit which has sat in the laundry for the past year collecting dust, that is until we had friends over for a bbq. I know that men can be competitive so it was not a surprise that after our male guest informed us that he is an avid brewer my husband might blow the dust off the kit & try his hand at brewing., little did I know how much this would affect my life.

It all started 2 weeks ago when Mr Sprout attempted his first brew, he read the instructions on the can wrong and added twice the amount of water. Ofcourse being a man he refused to take any responsibility for his error & blamed everyone from me to the children to the dog...we obviously put him off his concentration. Nevertheless he forged on and sat watching his brew for a week until I suggested he might want to start again, this advice was only taken on board when I threw in that he didnt want to have a failure on his hands. I mean how embarrassing would that be to tell your mates? So down the sink it went & I thought that was the end of things for awhile but I was wrong.

I popped out to do a bit of shopping & came home to find husband dearest running through the house with something warm wrapped in a towel shouting 'quick get out of the way!'...seriously I thought someone had just given birth in our kitchen but it was the hot can of whateveryoucallit which needed to be added to the other beermakingstuff. I was then roped into writing down temperatures while he did something with a test tube & thermometer all the while checking & rechecking the instructions.

This should have been the end of it for me but alas he is on nightshift & likes to call me constantly to check on the temperature of his beloved brew, I am given instructions of how I am to wrap the brew in a towel if it gets too cold or to wet the towel & rewrap if it gets too hot. If I dont answer the phone because I am doing something ridiculous like bathing our children or putting them to bed I get sent text messages.

After last nights instructions I politely suggested what he could go & do with his brew, he looked a tad worried & tried to lighten the mood with a joke...something along the lines of tucking it in & giving it a kiss didnt go down well....needless to say I have received no instructions tonight...........yet.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Its Official I am the Grinch

Yes it's true I am the Grinch, with so much happening in the last few weeks with the shop opening, big wholesale orders to complete, designing Winter etc etc Christmas has taken the back seat. If you remember last year I was all prepared & in the spirit & had bought the most ridiculous sized turkey in the world. This year the Christmas spirit is missing and in all honesty I hadn't even noticed until last week when Mr 3 asked me a question.

We were standing in the newsagency waiting to be served when a little voice says
 'Excuse me Mummy who is that?' so I turn & look to see a 4ft tall life like Santa
Me 'Thats Santa mate'
Mr 3 'He looks nice'
Me 'Yes he is now lets go buy bananas'
Mr 3 'Okay'

This is the extent of my childrens knowledge of Christmas, was that an audible gasp I just heard?? lame I know but for the first two Christmases I got all excited & tried to explain the whole process which went right over a 1& 2 yr olds head. Now I am at the 3yr stage & I know as soon as I mention the word 'present' the explanation of the birth of Jesus will be forgotten & I will be nagged for the next 2 weeks for one.

Its been said that we all turn into our mothers at some point & I can predict the moment it will happen to me, I will be in a shop, it will be December, my children will be playing up & before I know it I'll be saying 'if you dont behave yourself Santa wont bring any presents'   AAARGGHHHHH!!!

Christmas will come to the Sprout house I am just putting it off for a week or so...........selfish? maybe but hey I am the Grinch.