Thursday, November 5, 2009

Paper Dolls

Found these too cute paper dolls and just had to share them. Is it showing my age to say that I loved paper dolls as a child. As I have two boys who like trucks and dinosaurs I suppose there is no reason for me to print them out and play......... unless ofcourse it was purely for research purposes say some patternmaking research?? sound plausible...yes I think so!

If you would like to print these out in a large size please follow this link


Little Eve said...

Hi, thanks for the link. Very cute dolls! I used to love my paper dolls too. Remember the frustration when a tab would tear off. I look forward to printing some off for my daughter.

Carli said...

Thanks so much for sharing! They are gorgeous - I remember loving paper dolls as a little girl. I bet my kids will too!

brusselsprouts said...

So glad you like them, I hated when the tab would tear off.These days you can just print another one!