Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Little One Baby Interview

The gorgeous Little One Baby magazine has hit the shelves and we were interviewed for the premmie baby section. It was so nice to see our little boys in the magazine! If you do happen to read the interview please let me elaborate on Joshua's early arrival. Labour started weeks before his birth but living in Kalgoorlie I would have been flown by the flying doctors to Perth as they dont have the facilities here for a premmie. I begged them to stop the labour as I knew what it was like to go home without my first baby I sure as hell didnt want to do it again with the second. Luckily the doctors were able to stop the labour but not the contractions, so for the next 3weeks I took tablets every 4hours and had contractions every 30mins. I felt like Big Ben, those darn contractions were spot on 30mins all day and all night.
As well as the interview they popped in a picture of our Peacock Slip

Thanks Little One Baby!