Thursday, September 9, 2010

When Telstra Comes a Knocking

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Last week a water main burst somewhere our street and ever since our home phone has been dying a slow death. A few crackles here, a warbely ring there and now just constant static. So I had the painful job of ringing Telstra to inform them of the fault, after many minutes of being on hold, giving up and then calling back I finally got through and have a technician coming to my house to resolve the problem. 
I have been given the standard tradesmen trick of a 4hr period where they may or may not deem to visit so to make this less painful for myself I have decided upon a guessing game. All you need to do is visit my facebook page and leave a comment as to what time you think the technician will arrive and the closest to the time will win a 50% off storewide voucher!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Things that get my Goat aka things that give me the.......

Today I ran into a friends husband whom I havent seen for a couple of months while out shopping which was very nice, we had a little chat and off I went. I came home and told my husband who I had bumped into and what was said and I have been chewing over the exchange ever since. You see I was asked how business was going to which I replied I was very busy, he then told me I looked very tired which I had to agree to because I am! Trust a man to point out the obvious.

It was the next couple of statements that have got my goat, firstly that my husband and I dont have a life. Oh really and how is it we dont have a life, well its because Brennan works 2 weeks straight and then on his week off  he looks after the children for a few days while I sew. That equals no life.

Secondly because I work I dont go to all the morning teas, tupperware parties, make up parties, adult parties, candle parties etc etc to which I am invited to, whereas he informs me that because of this the women who invite me will keep 'bitching' about me.

Where is the respect for the work at home mothers??? Yes I am home but that doesnt mean I can drop everything to make up numbers for your 'party' and help you get a free gift. Yes my husband helps out on his week off and you know what if I didnt work I would still expect that of him he is the boys father. And lastly I dont want anything to do with a bunch of women that put you down when you aren't there.

I love my job and I love that my husband is supportive of me and yes we may seem boring to some or up ourselves to others but you know what we dont care :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there...........................