Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things that make you go Hhhmmm......#12

Today I looked up sign writers for the new store, one of the local sign writers is called 'Awsome' signs...........are we missing a vowel??? I thought it was a typo but after visiting the store it is not.... would I trust this company to spell my sign correctly...Hhhmmmm

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Look Out! A new store you say??

Yes I do say, a new store, a real life, in the flesh, bricks and mortar shop, right here in Kalgoorlie...woohoo!!
I have smashed down walls and pulled up lino and am now in the process of filling holes in the walls ready for painting.

Today I went to buy some racks and after a minor heart attack at the cost of your traditional retail shelving I came up with a brilliant solution and ended up in the gardening section of Bunnings........what you say?? Oh ye of little faith....I will reveal all soon....if it works orcourse........ if it all goes pear shape well .....hmmmm

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Master Ex a new pitch to the Networks........

Last night I was watching tv and heard an announcement that had me reeling........ an Australian version of 'Iron Chef" is about to hit our screens. I'm sorry but what the hell??? I love a good episode of Iron Chef.... usually after a few glasses of wine as it does give me the giggles, but mainly I love it for all the weird and wonderful food that is cooked which just doesnt tally for me with Australian cuisine. However it got me to thinking that there are a ridiculous amount of cooking/chef/reality kitchen shows on at the moment so I too have come up with my own idea of a show 'Master Ex' where one can reflect on what your ex/exe's cooked you for the first time and if it impressed or set the basis for your entire relationship.

Looking back for myself Ex #1 cooked macaroni and cheese with bacon and pineapple, he knew I did not like cooked pineapple but as he was the 'chef' it was his decision............mmmm yep 7 years later I realised his wants and pineapple would always come first.

Moving on to Ex #2 the first meal of spaghetti wasnt cooked by him but by his housemate (he took the credit), after I found this out I thought he was trying not to make a mistake with that first meal but it turns out he was a great cook when he did actually cook, unfortunately he was just very lazy. Unfortunately it took me 5 years to figure this out.
Lastly we have possibly the worst presented meal ever....A massive steak bleeding on my plate with a salad of lettuce, tomato and huge heart attack size blocks of cheese. On the table three open cans, one each of corn, beetroot and asparagus nestled up against a tub of meadow lea margarine and a Tip Top loaf of white bread. Condiments consisted of a bottle of tomato sauce and an industrial sized Saxa salt dispenser.
Looking at this spread before me I knew then and there I would marry this man, born and bred on a cattle farm, no pretentions, no pretending and he gentlemanly offered me the fork to spoon out the cans with first (he no longer eats from cans since I explained the effects of salmonella).

Okay so maybe not a show that people might tune in to every week like it is but throw in a few challenges a few around the world destinations and a contestant or two that you love to hate and yeah I think this can work...............:)

Monday, October 4, 2010

At My House

Today I am playing along with Button By Lou Lous at my house. In my house we have a large number of matchbox cars which you will find lined up in all manner of places
The reason we have so many cars is that I dont allow my boys to eat chocolate very often.....I know I know I am the worst mother on earth! so every fortnight when we go grocery shopping and they salivate over the chocolate and lollies on display I let them choose one treat either a car or a chuppa chupp (yes I am cheap too) Most times the car wins out and hence they are everywhere in our house.
Every six months I do a big clean out and send a bag full to the Salvation Army and at the rate that Mr Sprout has been stepping on them in the night and cursing I think its time to say goodbye to a few more.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

When Honesty is not Always the Best Policy

With the time to Christmas fast approaching I have been seeing a few decorating ideas on blogs with tips on how to dress up your mantle and it got me to thinking about what is on the mantle in my bedroom............

This wooden sculpture was an anniversary gift from my husband and to be honest I hate it. He bought it while in Noosa at a friends wedding last year so I am thinking the romanticism of the occassion may have inspired him?? He went to a shop that I used to buy from alot while living there to be certain that what he bought I would definately like, this is what he told me before I opened the gift. Very clever dear husband because now I must like it, you know there is trouble ahead when you get an explanation before you open gifts.

With money being tight we had decided on no gifts, also the fact that a girlfriend of mine had received a dolphin lamp that glowed and blew smoke from her husband really scared me. Though my husband has good intentions he buys awful gifts, hence I thought I was being clever using the budget as a no gift reasoning. Maybe some tinsel could hide it for a few months.....say November to March?? followed by an Easter theme..........

Friday, October 1, 2010

Things that make you go Hhhmmmm #11

So I received this email tonight and it made me go Hhhmmmmmm............


How are you today, Hope all is well with you and your family? My name is Miss Happiness However it really pleases me to write you for a lovely and sincere friendship even if we haven’t met or seen each other before. I will be so much appreciate to see your reply soon so that we can share pictures and know more about ourselves.

I shall appreciate an urgent response from you.

With lots of love from your new friend Happiness.