Thursday, November 28, 2013

A letter of apology......

to my overlocker.

Things have been tense lately between us, there have been issues & it needs to be addressed, let's just put it out there on the sewing table & move forward...together.

There have been times when you have been my best friend & I felt that I had returned the love by oiling & de-fluffing you every week. Maybe I have taken these times for granted lately & not given you the care you have become accustomed to. I will admit I have been working more outside the home, spending more time away from you & yes there have been a few weeks where the sewing machine has received more attention.

But the tension that is happening now is unbearable! I have tried everything to fix it & though I may have used a few choice words here & there I don't really blame you. I really don't but I do blame these two culprits for touching your tension dials & then trying to put them back to their original position..........

Please forgive me Ollie Overlocker xxx

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Night Bus to Nha Trang...

Years ago while travelling in Malaysia I had got a night bus & it was so comfy & roomy I was really glad to see that there were a lot of them in Vietnam. We decided to travel the 400klm up to Nha Trang by bus, it takes 10 hours but only cost $7 each, bargain! & we don't have to pay for a nights accommodation. We were quite excited until we actually saw the bus, I think it was the oldest machine I had ever seen in my life but we laughed it off & got on. Unfortunately all of Mr Sprouts 6 foot 6 inches did not fit in the bus so it was a long 10 hours for him!

We stayed at The Light Hotel & Resort which is a great place right across the road from the beach. I booked the room the previous night before we got on the bus so was able to get a last minute rate of $40 per night in an ocean view senior deluxe room.

Nha Trang has great snorkelling & scuba diving, there are trips to the hinterland to ride elephants, day trips to see Cham Towers or you can be pampered and laze on the beach in town.

Just around the corner from the hotel is a snake restaurant where you can choose your own live snake to dine on, they kill it & put the still beating heart in a shot of vodka to be drunk. They also have live seafood to choose from which was far less daunting so we feasted on prawns & lobsters instead. Then back to the beach where Mr Sprout continued to eat anything & everything that happened to be walking by!

Next stop Hoi An....... we chose to fly on this leg of the trip :)