Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Handmade Swap!

I received my gorgeous decal in the post today from the lovely Maryanne of Little Bird Decor, their website is currently under construction however you can buy these two cute birds from her made it shop along with her range of hairclips. I was lucky enough to also be given a cute set of these clips which I am going to give to my niece for Christmas, thankyou Maryanne!
I was not sure how the decal would work as all the walls in my house are tin but it has worked beautifully, it also came with very easy instructions and even a white cloth glove to help in the application process. A fantastic product and very easy to apply, I am now totally addicted to these decals and am eyeing off several blank walls in my house.

 Benjamin is loving the birds and keeps making bird noises, it seems he cant decide if they are owls, ducks or chickens so we get to hear his whole bird call repertoire. Thankyou for a great swap Little Bird Decor!

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Bec Watts said...

you've set that up wonderfully! i love it! xx