Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Slow & Steady Wins the Race.......

It's been a busy time at work & at home for the past 10 weeks. The store has now been re-located over to 77 Hannan St, it has been a bit of a mission moving as I had no idea how busy I would be in the new store &  I am so happy to have had such a positive response, thankyou Kalgoorlie :)

Also on the agenda has been the new Boutique Candy Buffets so Deb & I have been spending alot of time collaborating with other local & out of state businesses with cross promotions.

On the home front Mr Sprout & I have been getting the spare bedroom ready in anticipation of becoming foster parents for our local community, something we are both very excited about.

Please excuse me if I am a little slow to see any facebook messages/comments or emails, my daily internet time is now very short due to my store/community/family commitments & I do appreciate all comments & likes.

I have chosen to be a slow & steady turtle for 4years now & though my ideal finish line is quite a way off I know that I am on the path to winning not only my buisness but my personal race..............

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chocolate on a spoon?....mmmm yummy!

So in my intrepid travels around the www for my new venture Brusselsprouts Boutique Candy Buffets I came across a photo of chocolate on a spoon with loads of yummy goodness stuck to it.....unfortunately because I am an intrepid traveller I cannot give you the link to the page or give the person who blogged about it the praise & respect they deserve & for that I am sorry.

However what it boils down to is this, chocolate on a spoon is the bees knees.....I know because Mr 4 & 2 told me so. These are the same Mr's 4 & 2 who refuse to eat anything that looks non yellow or non red meaning they only like strawberries, spaghetti, toast &  bananas everything else is "ukky".

My telling them it was 'chocolate' which is a magical word they hear once a year as I am a terrible mother that only hands it out on special occasions piqued their interest somewhat & once they got over the fact that it was pink they were keen to consume it......& like it.

All you have to do is melt some chocolate, I did mine in the microwave it took 30 seconds, add some food colouring, pour it onto a plastic spoon & then add whatever decoration you like. Just a quick note though, dont fill the spoon up all the way before you add the other items as it will overflow.....yes I am an overfiller.