Sunday, August 29, 2010

Turning Old into New

Everytime I travel overseas I always bring back something that I hope will last a lifetime, mainly art or sculptures or wood carvings. I ofcourse buy all the obligatory items like shoes and clothes and accessories which now either dont fit, have been worn to death or lost in my many moves. While I was in Thailand I bought these cute little elephants which my boys love to play with, however they are losing all their little sparkly bits so I thought I would spruce them up a bit ..............
While spring cleaning this weekend I found some box picture frames in a cupboard so I cut some leftover fabric and popped it inside then sat the elephants on the inside edge of the frames.
My old elephants look like new again and they are now out of reach of little fingers ...............

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flying with Jetstar - A near death Experience

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Last week I flew from Qld to Melbourne with Jetstar. Travelling with me was Junior Sprout 18mths and Elder Sprout 3yrs along with all the normal paraphanalia that goes with travelling with children, the backpack for Elder, mummys handbag and laptop bag and Junior's monkey backpack with the harness tail. Now this harness has been viewed by a few fellow travellers as unnecessary and a few dont mind telling me. Well let me just say that the horrible and cruel and demeaning harness saved Junior sprouts life, literally!

If you have flown Jetstar you will know that you need to climb down a set of stairs onto the tarmac to unboard the plane, while the flight attendants are very friendly when you board the plane some are not so nice when it is time to unboard. As 3 flight attendants stood at the doorway saying goodbye and talking about what they were up to that weekend I was struggling away trying to lift down Mr 3 while Mr 18mth stood on the plane. While I did this Junior decided to try the step down himself and promptly fell between the plane and the staircase and was dangling in the air tethered to me by the harness strap I had hold of. To put it plainly it was freaking scary as I pulled him to safety.

Meanwhile one of the flight attendants had noticed this and calmly asks 'oh did he just fall?'  where I responded 'Yes I just saved him that is a very dangerous step!' and what response did I get do you think?? Nothing just a 'Yes it is high isnt it' and back to what they were wearing out that night. Gee you think!! Maybe she would like to fall headfirst onto a concrete tarmac from the height of a plane but I dont think she would be alive for very long let alone a small child.

Jetstar you suck!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Missing Kalgoorlie

Well here I am back in Kalgoorlie after being away for 5 weeks. I truly missed being in my little house with my husband and the boys missed their father terribly.

I am also very happy to find out today that our Red Check 3/4's are in the latest issue of Shop 4 Kids...yay!!

And lastly I am very excited to find that my Winter '11 fabric arrived while I was away and I love it, expect something very different from me next year :)