Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Singapore Sling

I have just finished another order for Singapore and was sewing away when a funny memory came back to me (funny to me anyway)....
I had been backpacking around Vietnam for 3 weeks and was on a stopover in Singapore on my way home to Australia. I thought a bit of luxury would be needed after backpacker hostels so I booked into a hotel for my last 2 nights of travelling. I must say Singapore is a beautiful city, so clean and lots of trees and an awesome night zoo, fantastic.
First on my list was some essential shopping, as I had washed all my clothing using shampoo sachets in backpacker sinks needless to say underwear was a top priority (you never can rinse as well as a machine so they were always full of soap!). Off I head to the nearest department store, find my size, all looks good so away I dash back to the hotel to shower and luxuriate in a pair of clean crisp cottontails.... Until half way up my leg I think to myself a little tight... must have put on a bit of weight on my travels... definately blaming tiger beer...and they are on!! Still feeling pretty tight...cant really walk...legs turning purple... ouch ouch get them off!!
Not the best way to learn the differences in international sizing but a lesson not easily forgotten.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunshine Coast

Well here I am back in Kalgoorlie from a week away at sunny Noosa, unfortunately like every week away in Noosa it rained....and rained.... and rained!

However I did catch up with some great friends and even made some new ones. Brusselsprouts would like to introduce our newest addition Grace, Grace is a fantastic crocheter and is joining our team at 91yrs of age. On the other end of the spectrum we have Imogen who is a genius on her sewing machine at the mere age of 16, watch out fashion world!

Our new website is now live and on the air http://www.brusselsproutskids.com.au/ and I would like to give a big thankyou to Simone who did a fantastic job and is just a fantastic person too http://www.simonerussell.com/ check out her beautiful work. The website is a work in progress and I am sure she will come up with something fabulous at every stage.

It was so lovely to come home to my three boys I missed them so much and was showered with hugs on my return ...............