Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Surprise Visit.....

Here I am back in Noosa! My poor dad had complications during an operation stemming from his bowel cancer so I flew over to visit & help where I could.


Whilst here my mother & I have been sewing away madly (a good distraction!) & we decided to do one more market while I was in town. We met some lovely new customers & then a gorgeous little girl walked over wearing a dress that I had made 2years ago, it looked just as good as when I first sewed it up however it was now being worn as a top with capri pants. Her lovely mummy has been a wonderful supportive customer of ours for 3 years it really lifted our spirits.

  Indi was kind enough to model some dresses that we made & I think she looks just adorable!
Thankyou Arana, Shane & Indi xx