Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Date Nights.....reality or just bad TV??

Three weeks before Christmas I answered the door to the Foxtel salesman, this happens every year & I am always able to ward him off however this year Mr Sprout happened to be working night shift & the knock at the door woke him up....meaning we now have Foxtel.

I have come to the conclusion that Foxtel is more boring than bats**t. It is full of reality tv shows that are so far from reality it pains me. For years I have flicked through magazines at the checkout not knowing who the hell any of the 'celebs' were, I now know they are all from reality shows!

I have also discovered that alot of people in these reality shows who are married, have children & are somehow ridiculously wealthy without seeming to have any type of employment make sure they have a date night each week....each week?? So I posed the question to my husband...'when do we have date nights?'

After some consideration we decided that we were actually on our date night, he had just finished his 2week mine shift, the boys were in bed, I was in my pj's, we were drinking wine & a pizza was about to be delivered. This is our treat once a month which is now officially known as our 'date night'. However instead of rekindling romance ours usually ends up with both of us falling asleep on opposite couches .....yeah I like date night :)