Sunday, June 12, 2011

Changes..........& 3 Goldfish.

These last few weeks have had alot of ups & downs, the shop being robbed was a down, our family trip to Perth was an up, my fathers stroke last night a definate down. Amongst all these happenings I have been working harder than I ever have & it is time to make some changes. I cannot continue to sew full time, run a shop with 3 staff & myself working, keep on top of website sales, source new products & be a present wife & mother.

I absolutely love what I do and my motives have never been money oriented, if they were I would have given up years ago. So changes there must be, what they will be are yet to be ironed out but I can say that I will no longer be making a Brusselsprouts range each season that will be available for wholesale. I will continue to sew but it will purely be to sell myself. It got to the point where I was sewing 120 dresses a week just to make deadlines & I was a walking zombie. I do have some leads into outsourcing & manufacturing overseas but if I want to go down this road & continue to have the shopfront is yet another decision I need to make.

So for now I am enjoying my boys & waiting for hubby to come home from the we went to the petshop & bought new goldfish. Benjamin (4) has called his fish Bubbles, Joshua (2) has called his fish Bubbles & the boys decided to call my fish .....wait for it....Bubbles.