Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Superhero Turns 5......

A couple of weeks ago Eldest Sprout turned 5 & asked for a superhero themed party. I was over the moon & had visions of all sorts of goodies that I could make, firstly being superhero dolls for all guests until he informed me that these weren't cool for 5yr old's...I did make one for the table though!

He was quick to let me know only 3 things were very important to him....
1. Jelly which I made in jars in layers of red,yellow & blue

2. Macaroni & Cheese popped into some individual serves

 3. Ham & Cheese sambo's which I used a star cookie cutter to jazz them up a bit.

I made photo props out of cardboard & covered some boxes with paper for a city. The children flew through the air after changing into their capes & masks (which I was allowed to make!)  next to the telephone booth.

An afternoon of silly string & digital camera's (a bargain at $5 each from KMart) & the kids were in heaven.