Monday, October 4, 2010

At My House

Today I am playing along with Button By Lou Lous at my house. In my house we have a large number of matchbox cars which you will find lined up in all manner of places
The reason we have so many cars is that I dont allow my boys to eat chocolate very often.....I know I know I am the worst mother on earth! so every fortnight when we go grocery shopping and they salivate over the chocolate and lollies on display I let them choose one treat either a car or a chuppa chupp (yes I am cheap too) Most times the car wins out and hence they are everywhere in our house.
Every six months I do a big clean out and send a bag full to the Salvation Army and at the rate that Mr Sprout has been stepping on them in the night and cursing I think its time to say goodbye to a few more.


Naomi (thula thula) said...

I do the same thing shopping! I hate the lollie checkouts, which is everyone.
Aiden gets a toy car and Madeline these tiny $2 my little ponies and they seem to end up the vaccuum cleaner, oh well. But I admit, I prefer that to chocolate.
I'm with you, as "good" mums

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

I must be a worse mum. Sometimes mine get a bread roll, sometimes nothing! Not saying they don't ever get chocolate though - just not then.

I usually think little boys can't have enough toy cars because they can make up big car games and play around with them but seeing all of the places they are in your house (including the toilet) well maybe there is such a thing as too many cars and clean outs need to happen. Made me laugh!

Thanks for joining in this week. Lou.

clare's craftroom said...

I used to fill my kids up on mushrooms and grapes going around the supermarket , now that is bad !
Love all the cars , vroom , vroom !

Catherine said...

Chocolates at the checkout are hard for me to resist(lol) but if your boys are happy to have a little car that lasts a lot longer than a chocolate and not bad for them then I say yes to cars. They look like they enjoy them.