Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Look Out! A new store you say??

Yes I do say, a new store, a real life, in the flesh, bricks and mortar shop, right here in Kalgoorlie...woohoo!!
I have smashed down walls and pulled up lino and am now in the process of filling holes in the walls ready for painting.

Today I went to buy some racks and after a minor heart attack at the cost of your traditional retail shelving I came up with a brilliant solution and ended up in the gardening section of Bunnings........what you say?? Oh ye of little faith....I will reveal all soon....if it works orcourse........ if it all goes pear shape well .....hmmmm


Melinda @ Here We Go Loopy Lou said...

Very creative with Bunnings! It will look fantastic. Congratulations.

Naomi (thula thula) said...

Bunnings is a winner in my eyes and with shops, like weddings, there is the $$$$ cha-ching with every mention of the word in many areas of fit out! Go Bunnings - life saver.
Good luck, I'll be in contact soon with stuff for you.

5 star, baby! said...

so so exciting! can't wait to see each progress photo!!

Jodie said...

What an exciting time!!! Looking forward to watching your shop blossom :)