Saturday, August 1, 2009

When Banana Bread Goes Wrong

Since moving into our new (very old) house my weekly baking has been sadly lacking, though with an oven that has two settings.. raw or burnt I feel that I have been a little justified in not filling the biscuit tins. When lo and behold both boys fall asleep at the same time, a rare event in our house, I was inspired to put the oven to the test. Thinking that banana bread cannot possibly be a failure I forged ahead. Firstly I had no cinnamon so I thought of adding a few white chocolate chips , happy with my sheer brilliance I put said bread in oven and set timer. Off I head to my sewing machine and set to work. After awhile I wonder why I have not heard the timer.. this is because I did not turn it on (not feeling so brilliant anymore). So after being in the oven for an hour and a half, (twice as long as normal) my poor bread was burnt on the outside, raw in the middle and completely fell apart when turned out. Not a Martha Stewart moment. Luckily 2 year olds dont worry about aesthetics and ate said bread heartily.

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