Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It Just Couldn't Be Saved Luv

Whilst in my garden this morning (hanging washing out, not drinking tea and eating cucumber sandwiches...sigh) I noticed that my last rose bush is flowering again. I say last as there were 4 beautiful massive rose bushes in the garden when we first bought the house in February. Unfortunately they had been taken over by some horrible weedy vine thing, locally known as 'mile a minute' due to its ability to grow faster than you can weed it out. Whilst I valiantly waged war there was never any question of who was winning so I decided to call in the troops.... a professional gardener.
The house being over a hundred years old I was sure that the roses were original and did not want to lose them, a point also noted and agreed with by said gardener. Happy and confident in my choice of battle plan I head off to my sewing room where after an hour of merrily working away (I may even have chuckled to myself I was that chuffed) I head out to check on the progress. To my horror there is now just dirt, no rose of any kind is left, not a petal, not a leaf, not even a stump!

Luckily I was in time to save the last one and as the photo shows it is just lovely and it has the strongest perfume just divine. This inpsired me to finally take a photo of my new Peacock Hair Ties and they are now available in store. Also soon to be available at High Chair Coutures new brick and mortar store opening in September.

For my "professional" gardeners explanation of this disaster which was reiterated by his trusty sidekick (as if once wasnt enough) please refer to the blog title.....

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