Friday, August 14, 2009

The Not So Jolly Jumper

On a recent trip to Perth I went to Ikea and bought the longest extendable dining table I could find. This table is rarely used for "dining" as its main purpose in our house is for me to cut on. Therefore one end is always covered in patterns, scissors, laptop, pins, tape measure etc etc and the other usually has a bolt of fabric hanging off it at varying stages of cutting out. No hope for my long suffering husband to comfortably spread out his newspaper and quietly sup his coffee.

However it is a great place to cut and while I cut Joshua gets to jump, and boy does he like to jump! Unfortunately Tabitha the cat is not so jolly about the jolly jumper as where the jumper hangs is HER spot. It is the main thoroughfare in our house and she can survey what is going on at all times. She does this under the guise of sleep, stealth mode we call it, a mode she can hold for 23hrs a day. Tabitha has many spots that she has deemed her own.. every doorway, the change table, pretty much anywhere she chooses really.

You would think after 12 years she would get used to me moving her on but as the picture shows she justs finds a spot nearby, sticks an ear out and slips back into stealth mode. If there is such a thing as reincarnation I really want to be a cat.

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