Saturday, August 8, 2009

Stumping or Serendipity?

The reason behind my husband and I moving 3000klm to Kalgoorlie (hot, dry, dusty, miles from nowhere) from Noosa (beach, sun, sand, close to somewhere) was to be able to live the Aussie dream ie mortgage, kids, dog and cat. Now there have been times when we have questioned this decision until we restumped the lounge room and there was a moment of sweet sweet clarity....

Our house had a name plaque when we bought it "Serendipity", I fell in love with the house straight away. Though being largely pregnant this is no surprise as my emotions ranged between sheer bliss to sheer terror of having 2 children under 2. My husband on the other hand had been at his work Christmas party the night before and I dont think he really knew what was going on. Needless to say an hour after seeing the house we bought it, our first house purchase!

Sadly our beloved name plaque was gone when we took possession, even more sadly we realised how bad the floors were (and the walls, roof,bathroom, kitchen etc etc etc) This is when we started to question buying on emotion until a few discoveries were made under the old rotted floorboards

1. A 1905 newspaper ad for Brennan Bros (my husbands name is Brennan)
2. An old glass milk bottle for feeding baby (as mentioned I was pregnant at purchase)
3. A 1917 receipt book for Crispe & Piper (Our last name is Crisp)

And lastly an old wooden cotton reel right next to my sewing room. I take that as a definate sign that I have made the right career decision. And on that note back to the machine I must head, lucky for me its not a treadle.

Serendipity - noun. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident

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