Thursday, August 20, 2009

There's Gold in Them There Hills!

I live in Kalgoorlie and I like it. Yes I said it, I like it, and I like it alot.

I have a need to pass this information on because it seems that every time I speak to a person who does not live on this side of the country I get an "Oh dear" or an "Oh I see" in a tone of voice reserved for the mourning. Sometimes they even feel the need to speak slower and enunciate a little louder too. Yes its harder to buy fabric, and harder to see reps but there's less traffic and no pollution. There's alot of miners and alot of brothels and skimpies but masses of great history and lots and lots and lots of gold.

I know it may seem a little hard to understand why anyone would in their right mind move here but there are many beautiful things about Kalgoorlie that aren't apparent when first you arrive, but once you have been here for awhile you start to see them. (No it is not the massive hole in the ground that gold is dug from, however that is a fascinating and awe inspiring sight!)

I am now on a mission to show the best and maybe the not so best of Kalgoorlie and will post photos weekly of what I believe makes Kalgoorlie a great place to live, and try to add a little bit of history too.
The End (of Rant)

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Cosy Toes said...

Love your honesty. I think we all should be greatful we live in some pretty good places...NZ for me.