Friday, April 29, 2011

The night I met Prince Harry & the Media fallout after...........

About 8 years ago while I was still living in Qld I met Prince Harry in a very obscure way. At the time I was working as a night manager of a surf club and one of the bar staff who I supervised was turning 18, Prince Harry attended his party & I was also invited to the party. It was a very low key casual affair at the young mans parents house & very hush hush. Some of the other staff also knew so we all arrived a nightmare!

Poor Harry was holed up in the bathroom of the house hiding while half the female teenage population of Noosa sat outside the door giggling & squealing. I felt so sorry for him & after being given access to the bathroom discovered him to be a very nice & handsome young man. I left that evening after a few drinks & chats & didnt think anything more until the next issue of Womans Day magazine hit the shelves.

Supposedly one of the girls I went to the party with & left with & spent all her time in my company with, had hung out with Harry taking drugs & having you know what on the front lawn. She even made the front cover. I was disgusted that someone would make this up just to try and get a bit of fame & that a magazine would pay her thousands for an untrue & unsubstantiated story.

The next thing I know I have reporters calling me &  putting my photo in the Brisbane papers purely because I was there & they thought I was her boss. Aaarrggghhh!

Todays royal wedding was lovely & I must admit I would love to be a princess in the sense of no cooking or cleaning but I think I can take a bit of work and dirt to have privacy in my life. Best of luck to you Kate :)


Julia said...

What a timely post. Lucky you for meeting Harry, I know it must be quite daunting on these young royals dealing with all the media but regardless of this they are very luck to be born into the royal family

Frog, Goose and Bear said...

Oh my goodness, what a story! That's not fun!