Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mr Sprout goes 5 star Camping.........

Mr Sprout has been sent off to work at a mine north of Kalgoorlie for a week. He made a few obligatory grumblings about missing the children & myself but deep down I know he loves these little jaunts. He has his own private airconditioned, ensuited accommodation (okay its a donger but its still his own), 3 meals a day (hot breakfast, packed lunch, smorgasboard dinner), free phone calls nationwide & internet access.
Last time he went he gained 8 kilos, came back critiquing my food & knew all sorts of gossip from chatting to friends back east. I'm really looking forward to him coming home next week ;)

NB: I am a huge Bear Grylls fan but this photo is just too funny!

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