Friday, April 15, 2011

Ending Facebook Friendships..........

Last night I made the decision to delete my facebook friends. When I joined up to facebook it was for two reasons, the first so my relatives over East & in other countries could easily view photos of my children, house reno etc. The second reason was to launch a business page so customers could view new & upcoming products & see how the business grows.

I did not know that facebook would start to take over my life! The amount of time spent chatting, pm'ing, tagging, being tagged, answering posts was astounding & when you times it by two it became overwhelming. Hence my decision to virtually cancel everyone on my personal page & just go back to the good ol days when friends used to ring me or drop by for a coffee.

So if you find that you are no longer on my friend list please dont take it personally,I am still your friend but I prefer to be your friend riding rollercoasters in the real world not online.

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Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

well done! If i new how to delete my profile i would - i never use face book anymore because i found it so stalker like! plus i just watched Social Network and it freaked me out a little! Bravo to you and i bet your REAL friends wont care a bit xx