Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Bad Mother throws a Party

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Thats me the bad mother, it is official I have been labelled that by another mother and who says the sisterhood is dead?! Why am I a bad mother you ask, well its because I didnt throw lavish parties for my firstborn sprout at ages 1 & 2. Was that an audible gasp I just heard?? Shocking arent I!! Yep we had a store bought cake and only bought him one present too. 
I mean its quite understandable my child will grow up knowing that I obviously dont love him as I didnt see the point in spending ridiculous amounts of money on an event that he wont remember and that was attended only by his father and myself. I really should have asked our relatives to all fly 3000klm to Kal and hosted a big event but hey thats just the selfish kind of b***h that I am.
However now that he is turning 3,understands what a party is and has made some friends here in Kal we are definately having a party, ofcourse the aforementioned 'mother' is now off the invite list. Will keep you all posted with the party  preparations and before you ask yes I am cheap so dont expect any photos of jumping castles and pony rides.


Anonymous said...

I, like you, have been out cast for not having lavish parties for my 3 kids. All have had birthday celebrations each year but so far it has only been my eldest (7) who has had a party with friends from school. We had it at a local park and played 'old school' party games, like pass the parcel. It went down a treat. When I was growing up we only had a party once at school age and it was only every second year. We always had family birthday celebrations, and I grew up very loved lol.
By all accounts you sound like a wonderful mother who will raise well adjusted kids who don't EXPECT everything on a silver platter.
Good luck with the party plans - I look forward to hearing how it goes ;-)

Piper + Lily said...

I have parties for my girls birthdays, but we keep them small. No jumping castles, farm animals or anything like tha. Pip will be 4 in October. Her friends Mums have been busy planning their kids parties from the start of the year - farm visits, play centres, jumping castles. At dancing I was asked where I'm going to have Pip's party - when I said we'll have it at home like we always do I got looks of sympathy. Oh well! xx

Anna - said...

And I thought I was the only bad mother for not throwing wildly lavish birthday parties for my kids, lol. I just can't understand the extremems some parents go to and the expense. My little ones are happy with a simple cake they pick from the party cake book made by mummy, with family and a couple of friends at home to spend a few hours with eating homemade fairy break and playing out in the backyard. Hope your little sprout has a wonderful birthday : )