Friday, October 9, 2009

Rain & Karma

It rained in Kalgoorlie yesterday for a whole 5mins, it doesnt happen often but when it does it pours. There are no drains in Kal so the roads get flooded very quickly and every kid just runs for the street to play and get splashed by passing cars. These photos are of my street which is 4 lanes wide, most streets here are very wide because the camel trains which used to bring supplies in from Perth had to be able to turn around in them.

Luckily enough I just got into my car before a 4WD full of lovely miners sprayed water all over it.....

only to be broken down later (ha ha!)

One thing you need to learn quickly here is that you do not drive through water at breakneck speed.


thula thula designer said...

oh, they thought they were so smart...hee, hee. Love seeing a couple of tough guys stuff up!

Abby said...

LOVE IT!! Loved it so much I sent it to my (almost) ex partner!
why may you ask.. he did the SAME thing! but out in kambalda last floods ( April 2010)screwed up his car.. and we all know men are lazy.... and the car is still not fixed!!! ugh lol.
This post made me giggle a lot haha. Actually this whole blog has!!!!
Love it and love your store =)