Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Confess.....

I have a small addiction to reading true crime... well maybe not small I love it! My husband does not understand this and thinks that I am doing research into the perfect murder, his murder. I have explained that this is not the case and he is worth more to me alive than dead but when I came home with this one he got a very worried look on his face and then got out the camera. I thought he was joking but he very seriously took my photo for future proof.
So dear blog readers I am posting this to show him that I wish him no harm , my poor deluded husband ...but just in case dont sign anything I give you without reading it first, maybe get in a taste tester for all meals oh and if it tastes bitter dont drink it! x

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mummymadesigns said...

Ha ! thats so funny, looks like a good book though