Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Good Intentions & Infidelity

Let me start out by saying I had good intentions, I really did... I woke up ready to work hard and sew like mad. My dresses were cut and neatly piled just waiting for me to transform them from flat fabric to a lovely little number your sprout would be happy to wear. And please believe me I was ready... the children were fed, the washing machine had its first load on, my sewing machine and overlocker cleaned and oiled, and all this by 7am on a Sunday morning. Then something happened, the tv died.... all hell broke loose as the Wot Wots became a victim of a power failure. This is not an uncommon problem in Kalgoorlie but usually it only happens in summer when its 46 degrees and every man and his dog has their airconditioning on full blast. This is not supposed to happen at 7am on a Sunday morning when I have good intentions.

Needless to say with no power for 4hours not much was achieved in the way of work and instead much fun was to be had with two little sprouts and the house at the end of this time was to say the least a mess. Now I like to keep the mess a secret from my husband, I do this by running around at 6.30pm like a mad woman throwing things in cupboards and hurriedly doing dishes so that when he walks in the door 15 minutes later our life looks like a Norman Rockwell postcard. This is not because he expects that, far from it. I do this because I am a mild control freak who likes to think that I have everything under control at all times. So when he arrived home an hour early I felt like I had been caught out redhanded, fortunately this guilt was shortlived as I discovered he was completely oblivious to the mess. He was just happy to see us, his family....

I think I am going to enjoy this new love affair with mess and chaos.

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