Sunday, June 12, 2011

Changes..........& 3 Goldfish.

These last few weeks have had alot of ups & downs, the shop being robbed was a down, our family trip to Perth was an up, my fathers stroke last night a definate down. Amongst all these happenings I have been working harder than I ever have & it is time to make some changes. I cannot continue to sew full time, run a shop with 3 staff & myself working, keep on top of website sales, source new products & be a present wife & mother.

I absolutely love what I do and my motives have never been money oriented, if they were I would have given up years ago. So changes there must be, what they will be are yet to be ironed out but I can say that I will no longer be making a Brusselsprouts range each season that will be available for wholesale. I will continue to sew but it will purely be to sell myself. It got to the point where I was sewing 120 dresses a week just to make deadlines & I was a walking zombie. I do have some leads into outsourcing & manufacturing overseas but if I want to go down this road & continue to have the shopfront is yet another decision I need to make.

So for now I am enjoying my boys & waiting for hubby to come home from the we went to the petshop & bought new goldfish. Benjamin (4) has called his fish Bubbles, Joshua (2) has called his fish Bubbles & the boys decided to call my fish .....wait for it....Bubbles.


littleloulou said...

They are so cute! We have two male guinea pigs called..wait for it..
Rosie and Saffron. DD was disappointed that they were male so she just pretends they are girls. She even calls the bigger one the 'mother' hehe. Kids are awesome! Congrats on your new family members : )

Krys said...

Victoria good to hear that you have made a few decisions to try to help you find that 'balance' that you had hoped to have already found. Hopefully this once will be a good move forward for you & your family.

As for the pet names, I am not surprised you should hear the names of K2's dolls.... EXACTLY THE SAME for all {and there are many} of them.