Thursday, September 9, 2010

When Telstra Comes a Knocking

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Last week a water main burst somewhere our street and ever since our home phone has been dying a slow death. A few crackles here, a warbely ring there and now just constant static. So I had the painful job of ringing Telstra to inform them of the fault, after many minutes of being on hold, giving up and then calling back I finally got through and have a technician coming to my house to resolve the problem. 
I have been given the standard tradesmen trick of a 4hr period where they may or may not deem to visit so to make this less painful for myself I have decided upon a guessing game. All you need to do is visit my facebook page and leave a comment as to what time you think the technician will arrive and the closest to the time will win a 50% off storewide voucher!


Naomi (thula thula) said...

I have my fingers crossed.
Telstra blamed our builder when we moved in, WE had to arrange for a new line (that was already there) which was $$$ and the people to call are another company other than telstra - they came out and said not their problem, ahhh, best thing is that telstra and this company don;t talk to one another and you end up getting half witts that think your stupid giving them the technical details you have been informed. Anyway took 3 months of 5 hour (kid you not) phone calls everyday, most in tears. (try running a business with no internet TELSTRA!!! - we can't get wireless and so on so on) The biggest drama, god! I hope yours is fixed today. They are a gamble. be thinking of ya!

Chantal said...

That's a great way to make waiting for the Telstra man less painful. Have a competition. Brilliant idea!