Monday, February 15, 2010

We're in Shop 4 Kids!

Thats us right there!
As mentioned in a previous post Shop4Kids rang and requested some of our clothing and the magazine is out today, which meant an early morning car ride for the boys and I (via Hungry Jacks....sorry diet)
I adore these Rupert pants, my two boys wear them all the time and get great feedback whenever out and about in them. So if you want to buy a pair you can check them out 
.... and they look great on Miss Sprout too.


My One Brown Mouse said...

Fantastic! Contgrats Victoria!

Piper + Lily said...

Congratulations, tha is fantasic! I think I'd wet my pants if Shop4kids called o ask me for some of my stuff!

imba said...

Well done! Great exposure.