Monday, February 22, 2010

Mwah Mwah Smooch Designs

I am the type of person that gets excited every time I buy something on the internet and act like one of Pavlovs dogs every time I think I hear the postman afterwards. Children get pushed to the side and small piles of washing are leapt over in my haste to get to the letterbox as soon as I hear that distinctive postie motorbike putter. So it was with great surprise that the day I casually sauntered out to my front gate expecting the usual greetings from Telstra I saw a parcel..... and it was addressed to me... and it was a gift for ME!!! Not something for the business, not something for the boys but yes something for ME!!!!

The ever so lovely and generous Caryn of Smooch Designs made two purses for yours truly from the fabric I sent her as part of my fabric scrap giveaway. They are awesome and made so beautifully, fully lined and zippered one even has a little inside pocket and a wristlet. So if you would like to see and purchase some of her fantastic products have a wee peek at her store.

Smooch Designs also make fabric cuffs, out and about bibs which are brilliant and car litter bags which look so great (much better than the last drive through takeaway bag I currently use) Thankyou so much Caryn you truly made my day, week, month !!!!


ensparkle ceramics said...

great post! I am exactly the same...the mere sniff of a parcel and I am ridiculosly over excited! Enjoy your pressies :-)

Helen x

Caryn said...

Im so happy that you liked your little pressie and surprise. :-)