Thursday, January 7, 2010

Turkey Lurkey and Fabric Scraps

I received an email from Mandy who has made this fantastic doll for her daughter using some of the Japanese fabric scraps I sent her. She looks pretty relaxed and just hanging out I love the flower in her hair. Mandy also asked me how the cooking of the 7.3kg turkey went, I will explain in bullet form
  1. I turn on oven and remove turkey from fridge
  2. I had forgotten to stuff the turkey
  3. I searched for a stuffing recipe
  4. I went shopping for stuffing ingredients
  5. I bought crap toys to keep 2yr old happy while shopping for stuffing ingredients
  6. Teething 11mth old also did not like shopping for stuffing ingredients
  7. I made stuffing
  8. I drank wine
  9. I drank more wine and turkey did not get cooked on day 1
  10. Day 2 I again turn on oven
  11. 12hrs later on Christmas Eve I turn off oven and hope for the best
  12. Christmas Day lunch warm turkey
  13. Christmas Day dinner cold turkey
  14. Boxing day lunch and dinner cold turkey
  15. Dec 27th lunch cold turkey, dinner Red Curry Turkey
  16. Dec 28th lunch cold turkey, dinner Turkey Pasta
  17. Dec 29th lunch yep you guessed it turkey toasted sandwiches, dinner Turkey Pie
  18. Dec 30th again with the turkey sandwhich, dinner Zuchinni bake with Turkey
  19. Dec 30th middle of the night I wake up feeling very ill
  20. New Years Eve dog eats rest of turkey
  21. Next Year NO TURKEY!

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Mandy said...

Hi Victoria. I feel slightly famous having a photo of my doll posted on your blog, thank you & thanks again for the fabric scraps. I was sorry to hear about your experience with the turkey. Although it was good to read that it got cooked in the end, albeit you were eating turkey for the next week!