Saturday, September 19, 2009

Little One Baby

Little One Baby magazine are writing some articles on premature babies, and as I have had 2 our family was lucky enough to be chosen to share our story. It was such a shock looking through the photos again of when my two boys were born as I had forgotten just how small they were. Benjamin was so skinny! Every time I put a onesie on him I was sure I would snap one of his little fingers off they were so tiny. His clothes were huge on him and the nappies had to be folded in half, big difference from the little bruiser he is today. So for all those new mummies with their little babies in special care rest assured they do grow up to be big and healthy...

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thula thula designer said...

Your little prems are now big beautiful kids. I remember in NICU a full termer coming in and I thought it was 2.5kg to my 755g boy it was weird. They are special. I'd love to read your story.
Naomi, thula thula