Monday, September 14, 2009

Keeping Up Appearances

Here is a photo of the front of our house (excuse the building supplies leaning against it) which I think is quite nice. Its got all the characteristics that I like in a house, its old, it has a bull nose verandah, big sash windows and original timber. It even has the obligatory white picket fence, roses and a little apple tree (minus the leaves at the moment). Unfortunately when you get to the sides of the house the nice quant little cottage feel suddenly starts to look a little shanty town.

Because of this we are inundated with junk mail from cladding companies spouting things like "free installation" "free quote anytime" "adds value". I know our house looks bad, but we live in Kalgoorlie and most older homes here have had DIY jobs done over the years so ours actually isn't that bad! Ha! So ofcourse I ring and set up an appointment for a free quote.

Now when Brennan and I first bought the house we made the decision that any renovations done would need to be saved for and paid in cash, no refinance, no extra loans. If we couldn't afford it so be it and with this in mind and a small amount in our account we meet with "the rep". Things go well at first, until it is suggested we get the front of the house re-done, the sash windows replaced with aluminium ones, the roof relaid etc etc and at the end of this when all we want is a quote just for the sides, just the tin bit not the entire side we are told $11,000..... yes thats right three zero's behind that eleven.

Instantly I think of how much fabric I could buy with that money, later Brennan tells me he was thinking of a new car.............needless to say we will be living with corrugated iron for awhile yet


fi said...

i love that look!good on you for not overextending, plus thats a lot of fabric money:) said...

I gasped when seeing this photo - it looks identical to the first house my husband and I bought! We loved the character factor too - and the high ceilings.. can you believe we snatched ours up for $40,000?!! the market went crazy in the mean time and we sold it soon after for a lot more.
Enjoy the doing-up process! and Congrats - it's lovely.