Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh on a budget...

Mr Sprout & I kicked off our holiday in Ho Chi Minh, so many motorbikes & not so many road rules or so it seems!

I'm all about saving a dollar or two when it comes to accommodation while on holiday & if you are spending most of your time out & about, exploring, trekking or touring I just don't see the point in paying big bucks on a room that you are in for only a few hours at night.

Being my 3rd time to Vietnam I did have some local knowledge as to the more quieter budget area's to book into which is why I chose to stay at Ti Ti Hotel which is in a little alley (motorbike & pedestrian access only) just a few metres away from the main budget area. For $14 US a night we had a Queen sized bed, window (cost's more but well worth it), fridge, bathroom, phone, satellite tv & air con & some rooms also have balconies.

A bargain at $7 each! the only draw back is that there are no lifts in many of these buildings so when you are handed your key I always send a little prayer up that it's a low number...it was 502. But we pretty much left our room at 8am & returned at 10pm so we only had to go up 5 storey's once a day & the room was always spotless & made up when we returned.

One of the main reasons I absolutely love Vietnam is the food & the freshness of it, every morning we had iced coffee (very thick Vietnamese filter coffee with sweetened condensed milk over ice) 

& a large fresh baguette filled with egg,cheese,tomato.cucumber,soy & chilli sauce. We would sit on tiny (to my butt's size & Mr Sprouts 6foot5 size!) plastic stools while our breakfast was made. Total cost 

56,000 Dong or nearly $3 Australian. Yes those big baguettes were $1 each filled! Mr Sprout had the meat version one morning I don't know what sort of meat it was but I did try a bite & it was delish. 

Will post next time about our evening dinings.....aka beer drinking it was so hot!

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