Friday, September 30, 2011

A few small Changes......

are happening at Brusselsprouts. Firstly the Porter St store is moving.....around the corner onto the main st of Kalgoorlie, Hannan St. It is a cute little space & with the different size & shape of the store will come a new layout & some new products.

Handmade will still be available in store, with 12 labels from the eastern states & 5 local there is a great selection. Some small run international labels will also soon be gracing the racks along with the likes of Noah & Belles and the larger mainstream will slowly be phased out.

And most exciting is a new venture that I am in the stages of developing now which will take Brusselsprouts in a whole new direction....I will divulge more when closer to release date :)

It has been a fantastic time at Porter St & I have enjoyed every minute. I have been very lucky to have had such wonderful support from so many handmade labels who encouraged me from day one 3.5yrs ago when I started out & continue to do so today. I have also found the larger suppliers to be very helpful to such a newbie as myself, if it wasnt for their items I would have had an empty store on many occasions & would not be in business today.  I know firsthand that when it comes to handmade, stock doesnt & can't get made overnight, we have children, husbands & many have other jobs, which makes it all the more special & why it sells so quickly. I love to sew & won't ever stop.

Tomorrow will be the last trading day at Porter St....sob....but onwards & upwards with the next step in the journey of Brusselsprouts, a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a woman who had a dream & made it a reality, thankyou to each & all of you xx

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