Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Its Official I am the Grinch

Yes it's true I am the Grinch, with so much happening in the last few weeks with the shop opening, big wholesale orders to complete, designing Winter etc etc Christmas has taken the back seat. If you remember last year I was all prepared & in the spirit & had bought the most ridiculous sized turkey in the world. This year the Christmas spirit is missing and in all honesty I hadn't even noticed until last week when Mr 3 asked me a question.

We were standing in the newsagency waiting to be served when a little voice says
 'Excuse me Mummy who is that?' so I turn & look to see a 4ft tall life like Santa
Me 'Thats Santa mate'
Mr 3 'He looks nice'
Me 'Yes he is now lets go buy bananas'
Mr 3 'Okay'

This is the extent of my childrens knowledge of Christmas, was that an audible gasp I just heard?? lame I know but for the first two Christmases I got all excited & tried to explain the whole process which went right over a 1& 2 yr olds head. Now I am at the 3yr stage & I know as soon as I mention the word 'present' the explanation of the birth of Jesus will be forgotten & I will be nagged for the next 2 weeks for one.

Its been said that we all turn into our mothers at some point & I can predict the moment it will happen to me, I will be in a shop, it will be December, my children will be playing up & before I know it I'll be saying 'if you dont behave yourself Santa wont bring any presents'   AAARGGHHHHH!!!

Christmas will come to the Sprout house I am just putting it off for a week or so...........selfish? maybe but hey I am the Grinch.


IndigoElephant :: Sash said...

Wow, I was having these same thoughts about myself last night as I put up the Christmas tree (after being asked for the last 3 weeks to put it up), deep down thinking, "I should be sewing right now". So rest assured you are not alone!

Sparrow Bee Designs said...

I'm with you all the way too! We do Xmas in July presents for the kids as their bdays are Oct and Dec... and I haven't even done anything for stocking fillers yet...