Monday, December 7, 2009

Light at the End of my Hallway

This is a photo of our hallway when we first bought our house in February, unfortunately I didnt get the light fitting in the shot which was hideous. It consisted of 8 seperate lightbulbs in their own glass floral bulb like things and was apricot in colour with stencilled brown flowers. (Knowing my luck it was probably worth a fortune and I gave it to the electrician.) Nonetheless it did not match the bottle green wall paper surround or the nicotine yellow walls so it just had to go. It has taken 9months of painting while the boys slept usually I got 20mins a day but I can see the end in sight. My dear husband had to paint the ceiling (its 14 foot and I am scared of heights) but the rest was done by yours truly and I am pretty happy with the results so far...

All the walls in our house are tin and have got dented and buckled over the last 100years but I love them, all I need to do now is paint the doors at the end and find some nice door handles. Then I will finish the front door which to my husbands horror I painted black...... here's a sneak peek, I just love my door handle!

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