Thursday, October 25, 2012

Please accept my apology.......

Mr Bikerider.

It simply wasn't my fault, I wanted to put my pj's on but there was a large man, a small 3yr old & a spread out 15yr old cat on the bed. I had 2 options wake them all up by turning on the light for my pj's, moving the child & cat & the angst that goes with that OR sleep in said 3yr olds bed in my underwear & singlet & not bother anyone & not hear whingeing, crying, meowing etc. Yep I chose option 2.

Option 2 worked well for me until 4am when the cat wanted out the front door at 4am I wasn't too thrilled as it was still a little dark & there may have been strays about, however I didn't want the rest of the house woken up so I let her go.

Big mistake! just as I was drifting back to sleep I heard the mewling of a none too happy cat, in a panic I opened the front door expecting a furball to go flying past me alas no. So I tiptoe to the front fence in a half crouch whispering her name as loudly as I can in a not very happy way..still no furball. The street is dead quiet which is pretty good because at that time of the morning it is usually busy with mini buses full of miners heading to or from work, I peek over the fence & see a stray cat 2 houses down....dilemma! Do I step out the gate to look for my cat in all my glory or does my ego win?

Well just as I step out the flash of fur which is my cat runs past me back into the house, phew I think all good no harm done no one has seen me. However just as I go to turn a man cycling to work gets to witness me in all of my underwear glory. I do apologise to him but his bike was very quiet & maybe if he had a light which I do believe is the legal thing to have there would have not been the mutual look of horror passed between us......just saying!

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